The Strawberry Bong
The Strawberry Bong

The Strawberry Bong

Why buy from us?
  • Beaker base mini bong
  • Colored detailing
  • 7.25 inches tall

Strawberry was pretty special and so is the bong named after him. This sick little mini beaker is for those of us who like a big hit in a small package. It stands nice and compact at just 7.25 inches tall and features a fixed downstem with a diffuser at it's base to improve filtration and the main beaker section gives it enought capacity to get anyone lifted in a few quick hits. The 14.4mm female joint is mounted vertically and comes complete with a 14.4mm glass flower bowl. To give it a bit of style there are colored accents on various parts of it including the mouthpiece and base plus the Up In Smoke logo and and the famous van from the movie printed on the side. 

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