The Ripper Klean Kut

Vendor: Killer Bongs

Title: The Ripper Klean Kut | Killer Bongs

The Ripper Klean Kut | Killer Bongs

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'In 1888 Jack the Ripper was the terror of the Whitechapel area of London, now there comes a new Ripper...'

The crazy contortions of the cylinder allows you to stack up the ice cubes for a cooler hit while the pure length of the bong ensures a large smoke capacity. Let's hope your lungs can match it!

Standard interchangeable parts such as the bowl, downpipe, base and grommets are easily replaced in our Spare Parts section.

The addition of this clear design to the Killer Bong range is a direct result of the popularity of these awesome acrylic bongs.

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The Ripper Klean Kut | Killer Bongs