The Original Roll Tray J2


Title: The Original Roll Tray J2

The Original Roll Tray J2

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J2 is like the kingsize version of the J1. It's got everything the J1 has, and that bit more.

Like all the others in the series it stores all of your smoking essentials with ease, but with this model they've gone a step further. Everything is bigger, including the length of the block, giving you room to create that extra long smoke. It has extra storage compartments, and enough room to store your tobacco and even the biggest of grinders.

This really is the Daddy of the range, and although not as compact as the J1 it still makes a great portable roll tray. You get loads of room to play with so no matter how many gadgets and gizmos you like to use, you should find a space for most of them here. This is what I want for Christmas!

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The Original Roll Tray J2