The Happy Dab Kit uk
The Happy Dab Kit uk
The Happy Dab kit bag
The Happy Dab Kit with pack

The Happy Dab Kit

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  • Dab Tool
  • Nectar Collector
  • Strong Zip
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Carry Happiness everywhere you go

Spread happiness with this Happy Dab kit. Inside this shock-proof case you'll find everything you need to dab your favorite concentrates whilst out the house. The kit is pocket sized so you will never have to leave behind your concentrates again. It's perfect if you go camping or on weekend trips often.

Happy Dab Kit Features
  • Shock Proof Case
  • Nectar Collector
  • Butane Torch
  • 2x 5ml Containers
  • Dab Tool
  • Keck Clip

Smiles all round

Dabbing is the future but it's frustrating not being able to take your favorite dabbing piece out with you due to the majority of them being large, fragile and heavy. Now with the Happy Dab kit you'll always be able to dab where ever you are! The shockproof case contains everything you'll need to start dabbing.

The nectar collector is the best way to vape your concentrates whilst on the move. With this at your disposal, you can always enjoy water-cooled dabbing wherever, whenever you like. Just add water, heat the nail using the included torch and within seconds you'll be hitting cool hits.

You'll need a place to store your concentrates too so the kit comes with 2 5ml containers so you can take a variety with you because it's always nice to have choices.

To handle your concentrates there's a helpful tool included in the kit. This helps prevent any accidental waste and sticky fingers. 

To heat the nail that comes with the nectar collector you'll need a powerful, high-temperature flame. Using the butane torch your nail will rapidly heat to the required temperature. 

Model of torch may vary


6 x 4 x 2"

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