The Fierce

Vendor: Healthy Rips

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The Fierce

The Fierce is a new vaporizer brought to you by Healthy Rips. It is a hybrid vaporizer using both conduction and convection. Features on the Fierce are:

  • Hybrid heating
  • USB-C charger
  • 4050mAh battery
  • Faster charging
  • Larger screen
  • More displays

The mouthpiece on the Fierce comes equipped with a magnetic slide on housing, it also fits directly into the oven. Having it fit directly into the oven means that this vaporizer uses more convection than conduction while still being a hybrid.

The interface on this vaporizer is very similar to the Fury to but with a few changes. The Fierce has an adjustable session length as well as a larger screen that displays a dashboard of temps, time, and battery indicator. The Fierce also comes with a large 4050mAh battery and charges using a USB-C connection. It charges quite quickly, only taking 60-80 minutes to be fully charged.