The Bukket

Vendor: Bukket

Title: The Bukket

The Bukket

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The Bukket

Experience the BUKKET - a new revolutionary waterless, portable gravity bong, based on the famous bucket bong - it's smooth, rich & hassle free smoke!


The Bukket is totally water free, instead using a unique billow system to cool your hit down, It uses the force of gravity to push a huge amount of smoke into your lungs; offering a hefty hit!

Award Winning

The Bukket’s first foray into the spot light was in the 2001 High Times Cup in Amsterdam where it was recognised as the best waterless gravity bong on the market; a title it holds to this day!

Easy To Clean

The Bukket can be easily cleaned in any dishwasher, this add to the huge amount of convenience that is already showcased in this fantastic gravity bong.

We can not guarantee this product will arrive un-marked. Due to the packaging used and supplied by the manufacturer, there may be minor scratches but don't let this put you off, the Bukket is a high-performing bit of kit which will keep those hefty hits coming!


Additional Information

The Bukket