The Brick - Sticky Brick Vaporizer

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Material: Cherry


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Sticky Brick Vaporizer - The Brick

The Brick Vaporizer is a unique and durable vaporizer that can provide 100% pure convection vapor on demand. The Brick Vaporizer can be used at home or can be used on the go. The Brick Vaporizer provides vapor almost instantly after heating. The Brick is made from 100% natural hardwood in North Carolina, USA. The Brick is one of the most robust and sturdy vaporizers on the market and if maintained properly, this vaporizer could last a lifetime. 

The Glass Mouthpiece is made from high-quality Simax Borosilicate glass which ensures a pure and smooth vaping experience is had. The Brick is held together by magnets which allows the user accessibility and the ability for the user to maintain the vaporizer to a very high standard almost effortlessly. 

Sticky Brick Vaporizer - Features  

  • The Brick Vaporizer can be used as a portable vaporizer or a home unit. 
  • Each brick is secured together by magnets - effortless maintenance  
  • Made from high-quality Simax Borosilicate Glass 

The Brick Vaporizer - Temperature Control  

The Brick Vaporizer uses a torch as its primary source of heat. Each Sticky Brick Vaporizer comes with a torch, unlike many other vaporizers that use a battery-operated heating element.  Many factors come into play when using this type of heating element such as, controlling how large the flame is on your torch, how far away the flame is from the intake tube and how fast the user can draw from the vape. 

Included with the Brick Vaporizer - Sticky Brick  

  • 1 x Pocket torch  
  • 2 x Carb corks 
  • 1 x Custom tweezers with built in light 
  • 1 x Sticky Brick stirring tool  
  • 5 x Replacement screens 



Additional Information

Cherry, Walnut