The Bomb Klean Kut

Vendor: Killer Bongs

Title: The Bomb Klean Kut | Killer Bongs

The Bomb Klean Kut | Killer Bongs

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'Very much the 'leader' of the Killer Bongs, being the most thoughtful and, let's say, sane one. Well, not really... but he stays cool in heated situations.'

The bubbled base of this bong cleverly maximises the water volume and the smoke capacity while never taking up too much room. However, The Bomb's petit posterior is in no way indicative of the great hit he provides. Talk about a Napoleon Complex!

The new clear version of this acrylic bong uses standard interchangeable parts such as the bowl, downpipe, base and grommets are easily replaced in our Spare Parts section.

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The Bomb Klean Kut | Killer Bongs