Sub Ohm Vaporizer

Vendor: HoneyStick

Title: Sub Ohm Vaporizer | Honey Stick

Sub Ohm Vaporizer | Honey Stick

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This sub ohm vaporizer from honey stick from honey stick is a welcome product in the world of vaporizers for oils. It is portable and convenient to carry it is one of the best vaporizers in the market today.


The build is quite bulky but convenient to carry around. It is made from Stainless Steel Wrapped Ceramic, Steel Wrapped Ceramic & Titanium Wrapped Ceramic. It has a Digital temperature control which is very convenient in todayu2019s date and time, gives it almost a futuristic look.

The Honey Stick vaporizer is extremely portable and convenient. The tank itself comes with a top loading function and can hold up to 2ml of e-liquid or oil. To use, simply unscrew the top and apply your preferred choice of e-liquid or oil!

The mouthpiece is made from metal which can get a little too hot sometimes but does the job of producing good vapor. The battery is 2600 MAH battery so you can expect a lot of good vapes from one battery charge. On minimum settings, it could go for several days.


Some of the features are:

  • Sub-Ohm ultra-low resistance (0.3u03a9) coil
  • OLED digital display screen
  • 510 threaded adapter
  • Wide-bore mouthpiece with mesh safety screen
  • Good airflow to ensure great vaping
  • The tank has a 2ml capacity
  • Resistance: 0.3u03a9- 3.0u03a9
  • Porous Ceramic Wicking System w/ Integrated Coil

This vaporizer is very sturdy with a large tank that has a 2ml capacity. This vaporizer is effective as it ensures great quality of vape all the time. This vaporizer is perfect for use with CBD and CO2 infused oils.


The vape quality is awesome as it produces thick clouds of smoke due to the large tank capacity and the sheer standard 510 threading and adjustable airflow for maximum flavour. The quality of the vape is great and will not disappoint in taste or in the amount of vape it will produce. It is created to be more than your average vaping pen and quality is something that honey stick have not compromised on.

Honey Stick have optimized the taste and vapour production by using a pre-built sub-ohm organic cotton coil in the tank. This and the quality airtight sealing of the tank ensures that the user gets the purest vapour possible.

Pros and Cons:


  • It converts C02 Extracts, essential oil (Including CBD Oil & Other e-liquids) into tasty vapours
  • It doesnu2019t require any combustion and burning
  • Good alternative for homemade dry herb vaporizer
  • It can be used about 3 days, once fully charged with serval vape session on daily basis


  • Itu2019s needed to be primed before its first use
  • Itu2019s require about 2 hours to charge
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Sub Ohm Vaporizer | Honey Stick