Straight Tube Bong with Ice Notch Clear


Title: Straight Tube Bong with Ice Notch Clear | EDIT Collection

Straight Tube Bong with Ice Notch Clear | EDIT Collection

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Simplicity can be beauty, and no finer example of this can be found than in this Straight Tube Bong from the EDIT UK collection. On top of its classic looks it also has a honeycomb perc and ice notches so you can enjoy the smoothest, coolest hits possible. It features:

  • 18mm Female Ground Joint
  • 18mm Male Slide Bowl
  • Ice Notches
  • Double Honeycomb Percolator
  • 5mm Thick Borosilicate Glass

Classic Design With Real Quality

This bong is built with a classic style that has endured for decades for a reason; it’s a joy to behold and a dream to use. It is constructed with 5mm thick high-quality borosilicate glass which is non-reactive so you won't have to put up with any nasty, plastic tastes. Borosilicate glass is also thermal shock resistant so you can be sure this pipe is a sturdy piece.

Smooth And Cool Hits

The double honeycomb percolator helps break up your hit, this increases the surface area and help cool the smoke further. If that wasn’t enough the bong also comes with ice notches, which allow you to drop ice cubes into the neck of your bong and cool your hits even further.

18mm Joint And Bowl

The bong comes with an 18mm female ground glass joint and an 18mm male slide bowl; so you’ll be able to enjoy a sesh nearly out of the box! If you wish to buy any accessories for it then it's as simple as buying 18mm male accessories!

EDIT Collection

EDIT is our own-brand collection of high quality bongs. We stock some of the finest glass you can find, so naturally we know what quality is. We've taken the lessons we've learned and applied them to our own creations. You can be sure that in the EDIT collection that you'll find the highest quality glassware at bargain prices. Perfect for newcomers to the UK bong scene looking for their first piece or for veterans seeking to expand their collection.

Additional Information

Straight Tube Bong with Ice Notch Clear | EDIT Collection