Stemless Spray Can Bubbler With Inline Swiss Cheese Perc

Vendor: Mathematix

Title: Slyme Drips

Slyme Drips
Purple Rain Colored Drips

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This stunning bubbler from California’s Mathematix Glass is created by artisan flameworkers at Mathematix HQ from the finest American borosilicate glass. The awesome spray can bubbler features a stemless design, inline Swiss cheese perc, 14.5mm female ground joint and matching male bowl slide. Decorated with graffiti style decals and glass paint drips in your choice of slyme green or purple. 

  • American Borosilicate Glass
  • Stemless Design
  • Inline Swiss Cheese Perc
  • 14.5mm Female Ground Joint 

Made In Sunny California

Mathematix Glass are one of many glass companies that have sprung up in the Los Angeles area in recent years. Mathematix popularity has surged since they started producing their unique brand of scientific glass dab rigs and waterpipes with advanced percolators of superb quality. Using only the finest American borosilicate glass, the master lampworkers produce this piece with a 5mm glass wall thickness for durability and heat resistance. Each piece is thoroughly annealed to prepare the glass for a lifetime of everyday use.

Swiss Cheese

This stemless tube has a direct inject design featuring called a Swiss Cheese perc. Similar to a drum perc, the Swiss Cheese has loads of tiny holes which create the percolation by cooling and smoothing your hits, plus removing particulates and carcinogens from the smoke. The percolator generates a volatile bubbling action which is spectacular to watch.

Amazing Style

The spray can design with paint drips and nozzle mouthpiece is a true work of Pop Art. The piece is further enhanced by the large graffiti-style Mathematix decal on the side of the main can. A beautifully decorated bubbler from an American Glass House at the top of their game. A fantastic piece for everyday use or proud display.

Additional Information

Slyme Drips, Purple Rain Colored Drips