Stemless Button Diffuser Cross Perc Bong | EDIT Collection


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Stemless Button Diffuser Cross Perc Bong UK

This stemless, double-chamber multi-percolator waterpipe is from our own exclusive and high quality EDIT UK Collection. It is equipped with a female 14.5mm joint, and made from 100% borosilicate piece, it also features a 14.5mm male slide bowl.

Stemless Button Diffuser Cross Perc Bong Features:

  • Stemless Double Chamber Rig
  • Multiple Cross Percolators
  • Female 14.5mm Joint Size
  • Includes Bowl Slide
  • Exclusive to the EDIT Collection

Double Percolator

This piece is built with two chambers and multiple cross percolators, it is designed to provide the user with the coolest and smoothest hit possible. Filtering the smoke not once but twice, the bottom chamber’s cross percolator forces the smoke to increase in surface area allowing the water to cool it more effectively. Due to the suction, this smoke then passes through to the next chamber where the filtration process reoccurs. The eventual outcome is a cool, clean smoking experience for the user

EDIT UK Collection

The EDIT UK Collection is Everyone Does It’s very own line of bongs, dab rigs, bubblers, and many more smoking accessories. EDIT UK stock some of the finest bongs and dabbing rigs in the world, so naturally we’ve picked up some pointers along the way. All of these pieces are skillfully designed by the EDIT UK team, each high-quality product proudly features the EDIT UK brand logo.

Borosilicate Glass

The finest water bongs on the market are made of high quality Borosilicate. This variety of glass is much more heat resistant than other forms of glass, this makes it much less likely to fracture. The manner of its manufacture involves the addition of the chemical Boron which reduces the material stresses caused by temperature gradients.

Technical Specification

Manufacturer: EDIT UK
Material: Borosilicate Glass
Height: 33cm
Base Diameter: 12.5cm
Mouthpiece Diameter: 40mm
Wall Thickness: 4mm
Joint Size: Female 14.5mm
Joint Angle: 90°
Downstem/Diffuser Joint Size: 14.5mm Fixed Diffuser
Downstem/Diffuser Length: N/A (Stemless)
Bowl Joint Size: Male 14.5mm
Percolator: Multiple Cross Percolators
Ice Notches: No
Carb Hole: No

What's Included?

1 x Stemless Button Diffuser Cross Perc Bong
1 x Male 14.5mm Bowl with Handle