Spike' Cylinder Bong in Ice Black

Vendor: Blaze Glass



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This beast is big! At over 16 inches tall it will take a big set of lungs to clear this massive tube. Blaze Glass have added some sick little touches to make this different to your average cylinder bong. The biggest thing you'll notice is the sheer number of Ice Pinch spikes pressed into the centre of the tube. Not only do they give you the chance to stick a few ice cubes in for the coolest of cool hits, but even when you aren't using ice, they act to break up bubbles of smoke and create a huge surface area for the smoke to cool against. Their final purpose is to make sure that no matter how crazily you hit this thing, you won't be sucking up dirty bong water. The removable downstem is diffused at it's base to help start off the process of breaking up the smoke and the main joint is a 14.5mm female one to match up to the 14.5mm male bowl that is included. Even the bowl has some nice touches, with a built in glass screen helping hold your material in place while still providing awesome airflow.

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