Sparkle Liquid Hand Pipe

Vendor: LIT Glass

Title: Pink Sparkles

Pink Sparkles

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Sparkle Liquid Hand Pipe UK

These glass hand pipes are truly unique in design made out of pure clear glass and filled with a coloured, glittery liquid,

Effective Design

This pipe features a proportionally deep bowl that allows it to be packed with a good amount of dry herb. The flat surface on the bottom of the bowl allows it to remain stable when set down. For added stability there is also a glass anti-roll bead to prevent spillage.

Carb Hole

The Carb hole can be found in the centre on the front of the bowl. This allows you to control the intensity of your hit. Around the carb hole there are four red glass beads in a square.

Varying Colour

This striking piece comes in a variety of colours, click on the drop-down menu to see what the best colour for you is.

Hand Pipe

Hand pipes are easily transported and quick to packed. They are perfect for quick, small hits for individual use or passed around a small group. They don’t offer the same level of cooling as a bong, but a good pipe can offer a fantastic smoking experience.

Additional Information

Pink Sparkles