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Smoke Bubble Vaporizer 2
Smoke Bubble Vaporizer 2

Smoke Bubble Vaporizer 2
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  • Product Description

    Smoke Bubble Vaporizer 2

    The smoke bubble vaporizer couldn't be simpler.

    This is a basic vaporizer that required no technology what-so-ever. You place your chosen herbs into the bowl, gently and evenly heat the bowl with a lighter and watch the vapors lift up and into the tube for you to inhale.

    To clean, water rinse the bubble to moisten or remove ash and flick dry. The addition of small water beads enhances the smoothness.

    These bubbles can also be used in 29.2 joint sized (only) bongs. simply insert the pipe where the downpipe would go and that's it... you're off!

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Unbranded
    compatibility Dry Herb
    heating chamber material Glass
    inhalation method Direct
    length 161mm
    material Glass
    mouthpiece Glass, Straight
    power Analogue / Flame / Lighter
    vaporization method Conduction
    width 61mm
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