SmellSafe HeadCase

Vendor: RYOT

Title: Natural


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SmellSafe HeadCase | Ryot

The SmellSafe HeadCase from Ryot is a purpose made carry case from Ryot's SmellSafe range - it will snugly accommodate small glass waterpipes and bubblers or portable vaporizers along with all the associated accessories you could need.

Safe and Secure

The HeadCase is extensively padded inside the main compartment, ensuring that valuables are well protected against bumps and bangs. You can be sure that anything you put in there will remain safe and protected until you take it out again. You don’t have to worry about the rigors of transport taking its toll.

Unparalleled Freshness

Includes a removable, foil lined pouch inside the main compartment which can be used to keep any organic material nice and fresh. You can also be sure that no smells will escape. Dry herb constantly exudes resin; this can lead to a potent smell that can stick to everything it comes into contact with. This fantastic case will rule that out and keep the aroma where you want it; in your dry herb!


The Ryot HeadCase comes complete with a quick release carabiner, allowing you to clip the case to your belt or a larger bag for hands free comfort. The bag is finished with the iconic Ryot logo embroidered on the front. This is perfect for anyone who wants to transport their dry herb or to keep it stored in a safe, secure, and odor-free way!


The SmellSafe range from Ryot features bags, pouches and wallets designed for safely and securely transporting smoking paraphernalia of various shapes and sizes. Smell safe will keep your materials safe, secure and it’ll keep you smell-free.

Additional Information

Natural, Olive