Skama Tek 1.0 Atomizer

Skama Tek 1.0 Atomizer

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  • Original OEM part
  • Keep your flavors fresh
  • Choice of colors
  • Coiless Ceramic Chamber
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Skama Tek 1.0 Atomizer

The Skama Tek 1.0 vaporizer features a coiless ceramic atomizer with a threadless connection. The simply snap 'n' lock fitting makes replacing your atomizer foolproof. 

Inside is a donut shaped ceramic coil which consistently gives perfect heat distribution across your material. To prevent any spillages when using the Skama Tek in a horizontal position the atomizer has been fitted with a silicon barrier. 

Each atomizer comes complete with a mouthpiece attached. Choose from 3 different colors in the drop-down menu.

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