Sirius II WS-Line

Vendor: Weed Star

Title: Clear


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The Sirius II is a beautiful recycler bong from the German glass manufacturer, Weedstar. The swirling design looks different at every angle so you should never get bored with gazing at it. 

A thick, 10cm wide circular base supports the bong from toppling over and the flecked detailing really sets it apart from others. As you pull on the bong, smoke travels down the vertical downstem to the turbine percolator in the lower chamber. The smoke is then diffused 3 separate ways in the water and pulled up into the upper chamber. Here some bubbles will burst and make their way to the flecked mouthpiece, but the majority will be recycled back down into the churning lower chamber for more water cooling and filtration. This process repeats, lowering the temperature of the smoke each time. The upper chamber has been designed in such a way to prevent you from getting splashed by any water, even when giving it a serious rip. 

On the front, the bong features Weedstar's famous logos and the back has a sandblasted signature from the bong's designer and company founder, Ziggi Jackson. Supplied is an 18.8mm angled oil bowl which is perfect for dabbing.