Shatter Batter E-Liquid Unflavoured UK

Shatter Batter E-Liquid

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Shatter Batter E-Liquid

Shatter Batter is intended for anyone who enjoys the flavor of a herbal product. It is designed to allow you to take with concentrates and combine them with Shatter Batter to make an excellent infused liquid.This 30 ml bottle comes with a 3 ml syringe that allows easy measuring, mixing and transferring and a basic set of instructions on how to mix Shatter Batter. 
Shatter Batter is an innovative product that allows you to take your Shatter, your Wax and Essential Oils and then dissolve the product into Shatter Batter and then it can be used in your aromatherapy diffuser, drip, cartomizer or tank system. Shatter Batter will completely liquidize your fine herbal/essential oil concentrates. The Flavor and the aroma of Shatter Batter make this a more enjoyable experience for the user and it can pretty much be used when and wherever the user wants as it is highly discreet.


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