Saxo Triple Recycler Bong

Vendor: Grace Glass

Title: Clear


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This savage triple recycler is guaranteed to leave your head spinning. It offers unrivalled percolation for a bong of it's size and once you have one you will wonder why you never got one sooner. The 14.4mm female joint attaches to a fixed downstem which flows into an inline percolator in the base of the bong with 4 slits. Once through these slits your smoke and bubbles progress through the lower half of a faberge egg body which massively cools the smoke thanks to the massive surface area. As it gets to the top it is guided into one of three tubes which each feed up into their own recycler which pulls every last drop of water out of the air before allowing the smoke to finally rejoin the main path and flow into your mouth in a clean cool cloud. This thing will blow your mind in terms of smoothness and flavor.