RTP GOLD Series - Pneumatic PLUS 2.0 Rosin Press

Vendor: Rosin Tech

Title: 230v


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RTP GOLD Series Pneumatic PLUS 2.0 Rosin Tech Heat Press

Rosin pressing is the future, but don't think that limits you to having to purchase rosin from dispensaries forever! Homemade rosin is the dream; being able to create the perfect rosin for you, with your preferred material! This pneumatic press makes the entire process much simpler, thanks to a system created after years of research and top quality materials. Get ready to learn how rosin pressing can work for you!


RTP Gold Series Pneumatic 2.0 Rosin Press Tutorial from SHO Media on Vimeo.


  • Free Shipping
  • Pneumatic style pressing 
  • 2"x3" plates
  • Celcius or Fahrenheit display temp
  • Digital display with heat control and timer
  • Can hold 3000lb of product!
  • 0° - 482º F temperature 
  • Emergency stop button
  • Micro processor precision heat and temperature gauge
  • Size: 32 inches by 21 inches by 17 inches; Weight: 110LB 
  • Manual included!


Nimble Pneumatics

With a mind-blowing pneumatics rig set-up, you'll be creating top notch rosin in no time! The pneumatics are quick to set up, only needing a female adaptor to plug into your system. Once the other end of the cable has been connected to your rig, get ready to go! The rosin press comes with an emergency button too, just at the top of the device. Ideal in the case of feeling your material has been pressed enough or accidentally catching something between the plates!

Digital Display

To turn on your device make sure to flick the switches either side of the two dual LCD screens. There is one on each side of the device and you can set different display options per screen. They will show the exact heat of each plate at any given time so no need to worry about varying temperatures! After you have input your desired temperature there is also an option to set up an automatic alarm, which will beep once you have pressed for the time you want!

Hot Plate Paradise

Your LCD display will show your desired temperature, either in Fahrenheit or Celsius, and then you can get to work enjoying them do their job! The 2"x3" hot plates within this rosin press will help extract the optimal amount of product per press, thanks to a stunning heat range of 0° - 482º F! Many top shelf vaporizers don't even reach those levels, and you can pick and choose the heat ideal for the cannabinoids you wish to extract from the material without any problems.


Rosin Revolution

As technology has evolved, so has the world of extracts! There are much more available today that say, fifty years ago, or even twenty years ago. Unfortunately though, as research came out showing some forms of extracts still retained the solvents used in their extract processes people began to worry. How would they continue to enjoy concentrates? That's where rosin comes in! A solvent-free extract that has been shown to be more flavorful and more gentle on the throat, people adore it!

Rosin pressing is more than an industrial process, so get ready to create your own homemade rosin with this stunning press! Create the rosin of your dreams thanks to this pneumatic press.