Rosinbomb M60

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Rosinbomb M60

Everyone Does It brings you the latest in the Rosinbomb family, the M60. This new and improved rosin press is packed with an abundance of technology which has been created to make pressing your flowers into waxy concentrates, hassle free, simple and easy with the ability to also achieve the maximum yield possible from your plant. The M60 uses Rosinbomb's fantastic patent-pending Flow Channel Technology to help make the pressing process as simple as possible for you whilst still achieving maximum yield. The M60 navigates the concentrates into a custom-designed tray to allow for easy, time-saving collection. You can continuously press without having to pause between cycles and with an average yield of 15 to 30% and the ability to complete roughly 30 pressings in an hour, that would give you around 90 grams of rosin making the M60 also very efficient, especially as it delivers such high pressure whilst only using minimal electric.
The M60 has an easy out of the box 'Plug & Press' operation, with a set up time of just one minute, you can practically get to work as soon as it's unwrapped. With no additional accessories, compressors or power sources needed, the M60 is a straight-forward press which has been manufactured to press at high performance with a very low maintenance upkeep, and with no fluids or seals, the whole process of using the Rosinbomb M60 is a simple process. It's compact size means it is easy to store and because it has been created with high quality materials, you can rest assured that this press has been built to last. Both the top and bottom plates on the M60 can be adjusted to a precise desired temperature between ambient and 300°F (149°C) to give you accurate control to maximize your yields.
One of the key features of the Rosinbomb M60 is that it produces completely solventless rosin, meaning you get chemical-free, pure, organic produce which also gives you the best possible flavour and a more enjoyable experience. The M60 delivers 6000lb of force and can press up to 15 grams per press and because it is electric powered, there is no need for noisy, high maintenance hydraulics, hand cranks or electric pumps meaning you can enjoy a quieter, smoother, cleaner and more efficient press operation.
Not only is the Rosinbomb M60, a high performance, low maintenance, tech-filled machine which makes light work of producing rosin, it also has a sleek and stylish design which would look trendy in any setting. The M60 is manufactured in the USA, giving you re-assurance of superior quality and materials and if that doesn't provide you with enough re-assurance, then the one year warranty from Rosinbomb should.
Rosinbomb are passionate about delivering the finest products, their company started as a family business and can be traced back decades to innovative creations of machinery. They always strive to improve on their products, making them user-friendly but also to allow people to get the most out of them, the maximum yield, the best possible experience. Committed to quality, value and innovation, it is no surprise that they are a leader in the extraction industry, setting the trends within the industry.

Technical Specification

Height: 18 inches
Width: 9 inches
Depth: 9 inches
Pressure: 6,000lb
Grams per press: Up to 15 grams
Temperature Range: Ambient temp - 300°F (149°C)
Weight: 15.6kg (35lb)
Plug Type: UK

Key Features

- Powered by a patent pending power source
- Solventless yields
- 1 minute set up
- Adjustable precision temperature control on both top and bottom plates
- Simple to use
- Up to 15 grams material per press
- 6,000lb of pressure
- FDA approved, food-grade, diamond-hard coating
- Quieter, smoother, electric powered operation
- Manufactured in the USA
- Compact, easy to store size
- Powder-coated, aircraft grade aluminium plates

Please note - the warranty is dealt with by Rosinbomb directly.

In the M60 box we will include a Bombloader, which is sized to the bag size appropriate to the M60, a specially-designed M60 Cleaning Tool, Silicon Rosin Collection Tray, a package of (12 Bags) M Series Flower Bags and a Mavstix.

** Please note - the M60 is not available for next day delivery. Please allow 7 to 14 working days for delivery **

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