Rolling Papers Double Pack Single Wide Single Pack

Rolling Papers Double Pack Single Wide Single Pack

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Double pack of Elements single wide, ultra-thin rice papers for hand rolled cigarettes. Each pack contains 100 leaves of super slim rolling papers with natural sugar gum. Packaged in an attractive counter-top display box.

  • Ultra Thin Rice Paper
  • Natural Sugar Gum
  • Watermarked For Even Burn

Ultra Thin

These papers are made as thin as possible, so you only taste what you’ve rolled and not the acrid taste of burning paper. Each paper features Elements’ patented criss-cross watermark which allows the papers to be made thinner while still maintaining a slow, even burn with no runs.

Natural Materials

All Elements papers produce virtually no ash because they are not treated with burn agents or chemical. Natural rice is used for the paper and natural sugar for the sticking gum. As the papers burn, the sugar turns to a viscous caramel which enhances the taste and helps to keep the paper burning.

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