Rescue Detox Permanent Detox

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Title: 5 Day Detox

5 Day Detox
10 Day Detox

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Rescue Detox - Permanent Detox Kit

In today's world toxins are on the increase and becoming ever more difficult for us to remove. They can be found in the air all around us and in the food and drink we consume. With all this exposure on a day to day basis, our bodies can experience a build-up which then results in an excess of free radicals and oxidants. If these are left without action being taken it can lead to health problems. Rescue Detox Permanent Detox utilises the powerful antioxidant powers in the super fruit ingredients to assist in the toxin neutralisation. It contains no artificial ingredients, colours or flavours. It's all natural.

Permanent Detox Kit Features
  • No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners
  • Helps eliminate free radicals
  • Can improve appearance, sleep and health
  • Contains 4 types of Capsules
  • Includes 8 Super Strength ICE Capsules
  • Approved by Health Canada

Permanent Detox Kit to the Rescue

The Rescue Detox Kits are some of the most advanced detoxing kit available on the market today. The Detox kits are formulated by experts to work with the body's natural detoxifying processes by targeting toxic build-up and removing free radicals. Using the kit will leave you completely free of unwanted toxins unless you reintroduce them to your body. The 5 Day Kit comes with 4 different types of capsules that are to be taken at set times during your detox. It also contains 8 super strength ICE Capsules to be taken at the end of your 5-day program for that extra assurance.

10-day kits are twice the strength of the 5-day kits and are designed for users that weight over 200lbs (90.72Kg), people who have high toxin levels or people who have an extended period of toxin exposure.

Additional Information

5 Day Detox, 10 Day Detox