Red-Line Steamdream swirl chamber bong

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Vendor: Weed Star

Title: Red-Line


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Weed Star have a great reputation in Europe for making exceptional glass for reasonable prices and this Steamdream model from their Red-Line series is no different. It is made of beautiful, tough, hand-blown glass and is full of features that you would expect to see on bongs with a much higher price tag. The fixed downstem has an 18.8mm female joint and from there the smoke progresses down into the base where it is fed up through a classic honeycomb perc which breaks the smoke up into tiny bubbles as the air tries to squeeze through holes less than 2mm in diameter. Once the smoke has travelled through the honeycomb it has to pass into the upper portion of the chamber which means it has to pass through the 'Swirl' section. This causes the smoke and water mix to spin inside the upper section and means that centrifugal force pushes all the water to the outside and onto the glass while the cool, crisp, clean smoke is fed up the straight mouthpiece with all the flavor and smoothness you could want. The Red-Line logo is featured on the side of the mouthpiece stem and they have given it a nice, thick, wide base to make sure it is as stable as possible because this beast stands at a full 34cm tall. Included with the bong is an 18.8mm WSP standard bowl for your flower.

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