Quartz Carb Cap with Pick Handle


Title: Quartz Carb Cap with Pick Handle

Quartz Carb Cap with Pick Handle

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Designed exclusively for EDIT, this quartz glass carb cap will fit any nail less than 20mm in diameter. The essential dabbing tool is also equipped with a pick style dabber at the opposite end for the handling of sticky concentrates. 

  • Quartz Glass Carb Cap
  • Handy Pick Dabber
  • Fits all nails up to 20mm
  • Exclusive to the EDIT Collection


Quartz Glass Carb cap

This well-built premium quartz glass carb cap allows the user to vaporizer their essential oils at exceedingly low temperatures. The attachment helps restrict the airflow for your concentrates to vaporize within. As the carb cap’s hole creates suction, a vortex is produced which successfully cools down the vapour. This creates smoother and flavourful vapour, which in turn provides the user with a more fulfilling dabbing experience.

EDIT Collection

Everyone Does It’s Edit Collection includes everything from our very own dab rigs to essential dabbing tools. Skillfully designed by the EDIT team, each high-quality product proudly features the EDIT brand logo.


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Quartz Carb Cap with Pick Handle