Puri5 Gig Pro Wax Vaporizer
Puri5 Gig Pro Wax Vaporizer
Puri5 Gig Pro Wax Vaporizer
Puri5 Gig Pro Wax Vaporizer
Puri5 Gig Pro Wax Vaporizer uk
Puri5 Gig Pro Wax Vaporizer uk
Puri5 Gig Pro Wax Vaporizer
Puri5 Gig Pro Wax Vaporizer
Puri5 Gig Pro

Puri5 Gig Pro Wax Vaporizer

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Puri5 Gig Pro Wax Vaporizer

Introducing the Gig Pro to the Puri5 range, if you love the Gig wax vaporizer but want more battery life then this is the pen for you, boasting a 650mAh battery which is more than double the capacity of its smaller sibling.It is also 14mm longer than the the Gig.

This Powerful Wax Pen from Puri5 is versatile and highly portable due to its slim and sleek design.

It has a coil-less ceramic bowl for even heating, ensuring the purest flavour from your concentrates, which is compatible and interchangeable with refillable oil, or disposable cartridges.

The Gig wax pen has 4 preset temperature modes from the lowest, ‘Soft mode’ through to ‘Flavour’ and ‘Sesh’ mode which are the 2 middle settings, and lastly the highest setting being ‘Clean Mode’.

The battery powering this portable wax pen is a 650mAh and is completed with a duo of charging ports, iPhone Lightning & USB port.


  • Medical grade Stainless steel

  • Battery capacity: 650mAh

  • Industry Standard 510 threaded battery

  • Diameter: 14mm

  • Length: 129mm

  • Weight: 57 grams

  • Soft Mode: Blue-2.1V

  • Flavour Mode: Green-3.0V

  • Session Mode: Yellow-3.7

  • Cleaning Mode: Red 4.2V

  • Charging LED Lights. LIghts up red when Charging turns off when battery is Full

What's in the Box?

  • Gig Vaporizer

  • USB Charging Cable

  • Dabbing Tool

  • User Manual

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