Puffit 2 Portable Vaporizer

Vendor: Puffit

Title: Black


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Puffit 2 Portable Vaporizer by Discreet Vape

The Puffit 2 is a discreet and compact dry herb vaporizer. It’s most obvious feature is the fact that it looks like an asthma inhaler.

It features a powerful long-life battery and a larger than average chamber. It produces a finer vapor that doesn’t leave any lingering potent smells behind. This is the ideal vaporizer for anyone who wants to avail of the medicinal properties of their dry herb.

The Puffit 2, despite its name, is actually the third iteration of Discreet Vape's flagship portable vaporizer.

Like previous versions, the Puffit 2 retains the super stealthy form of a medical asthma inhaler.

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G Pen Elite Features


Dried Herbs

Storage capacity


Initial heating

A few seconds

Heating system


Battery capacity

5 - 7 full chambers

Charging time

3 hours

Charger type



1 year


This portable vape resembles a medical asthma inhaler, making it perfect for those who appreciate discreteness. It is also fully portable and thanks to its compact size can fit in any pocket or bag. The vapor it produces is light and doesn’t leave any lingering potent odors, so you can enjoy a huge degree of privacy as you use this device.

Range of Advanced Features

Inside its stealthy medicinal inhaler body the Puffit has evolved and developed dramatically: gone is the controversial forced air fan from the Puffit-X, gone is the equally divisive flashing LED system from previous versions. In place of this is an awesome haptic feedback system which alerts the user to changes in temperature. It give a double buzz when fully heated so you know exactly when the time is right to enjoy a hit from this fantastic device. Once you take a hit this device shuts off and cools down, preserving your dry herb and battery until your next hit.

Powerful Battery

The Puffit 2 is much more powerful than previous iterations.  It has 75% more battery life when compared to previous models, so you can be sure that the Puffit 2 will cover all of your needs. Just to be sure, Discreet Vape have made the P2 modular, so heavier users can simply buy spare batteries and switch them out for extended vaping sessions. When your battery does run down you have two choices; you can switch it out for a new one or use the included USB charging cable to recharge it in a few short hours.

Large Spacious Chamber

The Puffit 2 is equipped with a large chamber and the conduction heating plate which sits above the chamber is magnetic, so it snaps perfectly into place when you're done loading.  Once loaded, the Puffit 2 is activated with the simple, intuitive controls. Once you have taken a hit the chamber begins to gradually cool down, preserving your battery and your dry herb.

Versatile Heat Settings

Users of this vape can cycle through for different heat settings to choose the perfect vaping temperature.  Hits are clean, cool and bursting with wonderful natural flavours. You can adjust  the settings to get the vapor consistency you want. Lower temperatures for a thinner, finer vapor; or a higher temperature for a thicker, more potent vapor.

Versatile Attachments

The Puffit 2 is a huge improvement on previous models and it is also much more versatile.  Discreet Vape have also released a raft of extra attachments for their latest vape, including waterpipe adapters, optional coloured skins and housings and a range of concentrate attachments.

Puffit 2 Portable Vaporizer by Discreet Vape Contents:

  • 1 x PUFFiT 2 Portable Vaporizer
  • 1 x Silicone Heat Shield
  • 1 x Quick Charge Wall Charger
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x Packing Tool
  • 1 x Concentrate Screens
  • 4 x Replacement Screens
  • 1 x Operation Manual.

Available in Black or Blue - See dropdown menu to select colour


Puffit 2 Portable Vaporizer In Depth Review

The Puffit 2 portable vape is certainly a unique vaporizer. Created by Discreet Vape, the Puffit 2 certainly is a discreet vaporizer! Built to look just like a common asthma inhaler

To further add to the fantastic discreteness of this vape,the vapor that it produces is discreet and won’t leave behind any pungent, lingering smells.

This unit has an interesting heating system, it heats up rapidly and in seconds and produces enough vapor for a single draw before shutting down again. This means that it is perfect for those who want frequent, small hits rather than those who want an extended and drawn out vaping session. So if you are perhaps looking for more of the medicinal effects of your dry herb frequently, rather than a long session then this vape will suit your needs perfectly.

The Puffit 2 will vibrate while heating up and do a double vibrate when it is fully heated. So you can be sure that you won’t miss your chance to take a hit when it’s fully heated.

The Puffit 2 excels in one area in particular, and it’s not surprising that this is in the area is discreteness and portability. It is an incredibly compact and light vaporizer that can fit easily in any pocket or bag. It is one of the smallest portable vaporizers on the market.

Adjusting the temperature of the Puffit 2 is simple and user-friendly. It has multiple temperature settings; allowing you to adjust the potency and consistency of your vapor. You can adjust for a lower temperature in order to enjoy a thinner vapor or a higher temperature to enjoy a thicker, more potent hit.

The chamber of the Puffit 2 is of a decent size, you can get between five and seven decent hits from it, which is ideal when you consider the ‘puff and put away’ method that works the best with the Puffit 2. For the best results ensure that your herb is finely ground. Grinding your herb releases more of its surface area to interact with the heating chamber. The vapor you’re gonna be enjoying isn’t going to be a thick, dense crowd, but that suits the intention of the design the Puffit 2 is built to.

The Puffit 2 uses a USB rechargeable battery that slots neatly in to the device near the chamber and bowl. Despite the compact design of this battery it offers an incredibly long battery life. You can expect around three or four full dry herb chambers before the battery runs flat. That's somewhere in the realm of the 25 to 35 puff range.

The Puffit 2 comes as a complete kit with everything you could possibly need to keep it clean and secure. The kit features a little sleeve that can insulate it should it get a little too warm for your liking. The Puffit 2 also comes with an insert that allows you to enjoy concentrates and waxes.

The Puffit 2 is an excellent portable vape at an affordable price. It is a great little conduction vaporizer with a unique look that will ensure that you can enjoy it in a quiet and effective way. Thanks to it’s great battery and decent chamber you can expect this to last you all day long without letting you down. The lack of huge clouds may be off putting to some, but a huge boon to others!

Puffit 2 Portable Vaporizer Pros and Cons


  • Discreet
  • Great battery life for its size
  • Easy to use
  • Very portable


  • Not great for long sessions