Prometheus Oil Kit

Vendor: PypTek

Title: Prometheus Oil Kit | PypTek

Prometheus Oil Kit | PypTek

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PypTek - Prometheus Oil Kit

The Prometheus Oil Kit from Pyptek is a kit which allows you to convert the Pyptek Prometheus Pocket or Prometheus Titan into a fully functional oil rig.

PypTek - Prometheus Oil Kit Features

Full Dabbing Kit
Titanium Nail

Full Dabbing Kit

The kit includes a concentrate nail made from GR.2 titanium, a glass vapour dome, glass dabbing utensil and a custom glass joint.  This simple to use kit lets you merge the portability of the Prometheus pipes with the potency of a dab rig for effortless, on-the-go dabbing.

Titanium Nail

Titanium is a conductive and heat resistant material. This makes it perfect for dabbing nails and the temperatures they are subjected to.

The Pyptek Prometheus Oil Kit comprises a grade 2 titanium concentrate nail, a glass vapor dome, a custom glass joint, and a glass dabber tool.

Please note that colours of glass components may vary from those pictured.

Additional Information

Prometheus Oil Kit | PypTek