Premium Pre-roll Filters - 4 Cases - BUY IN BULK

Vendor: Filter420

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Premium Pre-Roll Filters - 4 Cases

These Premium Pre-Roll Filters from Filter420 take away the majority of the tar and toxins produced by smoking, leaving you with nothing but a smooth smoke full of flavour everytime! Buy this in bulk as you will receive 4 cases of 35 packets which equals 140 packets with 3 filters in each packet.The Premium Pre-Roll Filters are made up of three main parts, the mouthpiece, the chamber and the tip. The tip is the part which connects the filter to your joint, within the tip is a restricted opening inside the first chamber which the smoke is pulled through as you inhale. After the smoke has travelled through the first chamber, it is then pulled into the chamber which throws the harmful tar solids outwards towards the the inside of the filter body as the air expands within the chamber. In the chamber is where most of the toxins are collected. As the smoke then travels into the mouthpiece, there are silicone beads which catch remaining tar before the smoke travels into the sterile mouthpiece.Whether you want to stop that cough that always seems to appear when you smoke, want to reduce the harshness or just want to feel a little healthier when smoking, the Premium Pre-Roll Filters are for you! Order today to start enjoying the flavour and smoothness of a filtered smoke.