Precision Hydratube for Vapexhale Cloud Evo

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Vendor: VapeXhale

Title: Honeycomb


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Precision Hydratube for Vapexhale Cloud Evo

These 3 HydraTubes from VapeXhale are a must-have addition to the Cloud Evo vaporizer. You can now choose from a range of different filtration and percolation options to pair with your favourite desktop vaporizer. 

Each piece has been masterfully handcrafted from borosilicate glass by artisan glassblowers giving them a robust, high-quality finish. Thought has been given to the entire air path of each HydraTube from the flush connection for an airtight fit, all the way to the flared mouthpiece for a low draw resistance. VapeXhale truly achieved what they set out to bring their customers; silky smooth hits with the maximum flavour. You’re not restricted to using these awesome HydraTubes with just the Cloud Evo as they can all be fitted to the adapter kit (sold separately) to fit all common joint sizes.

Honeycomb HydraTube

The Precision Honeycomb HydraTube features two stages of percolation to maximize the surface area of the vapour. As you pull the vapour up through the HydraTube it’s firstly dispersed by the gridded barrel. Passing through creates lots of tiny vapour-filled bubbles to rise throughout the water. The journey doesn’t end there though as it then comes into contact with the honeycomb percolator to be filtered even further. Punctured with numerous tiny holes the honeycomb gives minimal draw resistance making it a perfect all-rounder for both beginners and experts vapers. With a Precision Honeycomb HydraTube added to your VapeXhale Cloud Evo you’ll be able to take longer, smoother hits with ease.

Precision HydraBomb

The second HydraTube on offer is the eye-catching Precision HydraBomb. At the heart of the Precision HydraBomb is an awesome looking grenade like percolator. This isn’t just there to look aesthetically pleasing, this design has been chosen specifically for its low draw resistance and powerful filtration capabilities. Pulling the vapour through the percolator splits the vapour into multiple pathways bringing it into contact with more cold water. The bubbles are blasted against the walls of the HydraBomb causing them to burst before the vapour rises up the angled mouthpiece. Out of all 3 HydraTubes available for the VapeXhale Cloud Evo the HydraBomb offers the least draw resistance making it a perfect addition to vaping for newcomers to vaping who don’t want the harsh feeling of hot vapour on their throat and lungs.

Turbine HydraTube

Last but by no means least is the Precision Turbine HydraTube. As the vapour enters the HyrdaTube the water within begins to swirl around in a whirlpool formed by the gridded barrel percolator. This doesn’t just look awesome it causes the vapour to spread out into loads of tiny bubbles within the water, lowering the temperature of the vapour which causes a lot of people to cough when taking bigger hits. The result of this process is smooth, silky vapour with reduced harshness. You’ll find that blowing those big milky clouds is much easier with the Precision Turbine HydraTube. 

Across the body of all the HydraTubes is a sandblasted frosted logo. Which will you choose from the drop-down menu?

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