Pop Top Jar by Cheech & Chong

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Title: Gold Script Logo Small

Gold Script Logo Small
Gold Script Logo Medium
Gold Script Logo Large
Happy Herbs Small
Happy Herbs Medium
Happy Herbs Large
Love Machine Small
Love Machine Medium
Love Machine Large

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Everyone needs somewhere to keep their dankest material as fresh and sweet as it can be and these glass stash jars from Cheech and Chong are perfect for the job. 

Manufactured by 420Science, known for making the best stash jars on the market, there are plenty of reasons to pick up one of these little gems. The first is that High Times has called them 'the best in herb storage'. The second is that they come with a choice of four different designs, all equally cool in their own way. 

There is the "Crest" which features the cartoon faces of the famous pair along with the 'Officially Licenced' stamp, there is the "Gold Script" which features the golden Cheech and Chong logo, there is the "Happy Herbs" which is pretty self explanatory and then there is "The Love Machine" which again features the faces of the famous pair in front of a chain loop and with a red Cheech and Chong logo across their front. 

These awesome jars come in three different sizes. The small one is 3.75 inches tall and holds around a 1/4 of an ounce, the Medium is 4 inches tall and holds about 1/2 an ounce and the Large is 4.5 inches tall and holds around 3/4 of an ounce. Choose your design and size from the drop-down menu above.

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Gold Script Logo Small, Gold Script Logo Medium, Gold Script Logo Large, Happy Herbs Small, Happy Herbs Medium, Happy Herbs Large, Love Machine Small, Love Machine Medium, Love Machine Large