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Piece Water

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Piece Water UK

Using Piece Water is one of the best ways on the UK market to keep your bong cleaner for longer and ensure a clean hit free from nasty pollutants. It is 100% natural blend of vegetable extracts, fruit extracts, and mineral water. It can keep your bong clean for up to 40 uses.

Bongs are one of the best ways to enjoy dry herb,  you can’t beat the satisfaction of taking a water-cooled hit from a finely made piece of glass. Not only are bongs great ways to enjoy herb, they can also be considered works of art. A whole host of studies have shown that bongs are much more beneficial for your health when compared to other methods of smoking. The way the smoke passes through the water ensures a much cooler and pure smoke and it also acts as an added filtration system, breaking down the smoke particles for a finer smoking experience. While there are many benefits to be seen from using a bong, one of the main disadvantages is having to maintain your piece to a high standard and keeping it clean and fresh. In steps the magnificent Piece Water Solution.

Piece Water – Replacement Bong Water

Piece Water has a unique blend of all-safe natural mineral, vegetable and fruit extracts all work to help to prevent resin and unwanted residue from forming around and inside your glass bongs and pieces. Piece Water is 100% All Natural and is a non-toxic product which makes it the perfect product for maintaining your bong and glass pieces to a high standard. All you need to do is add Piece Water to your clean bong and from then on your piece will remain clear from resin and residue build up. When you need to change your Piece Water all that is needed is to simply rinse your glass piece with normal tap water and it will be clean as a whistle. Additionally, Piece Water is a a brilliant filter for all particulate matter and breaks them down significantly which provides a healthier and smoother smoking experience.

Piece Water – Details

  • Piece Water is a blend of all natural mineral, vegetable and fruit extracts – the perfect mixture for a happy and clean bong
  • Fills per Bottle of Piece Water – This would all really depend on the size of the water pipe you are using. Generally, a 12-inch water pipe would hold 2 oz. of water, so by this measurement a 12oz bottle of Piece Water would have upwards of 6 fills per bottle.
  • How regularly to change your Piece Water – This is completely down to user preference. After many tests, Piece Water customers report that they have achieved fantastic results even after 40+ hits.

Piece Water – Clean Water Bongs

Piece Water is a fantastic supplement for any regular bong or water pipe user. Regular users will feel the pain of having a dirty glass piece/bong but they will also appreciate just how great it is to have a clean piece that feels like it is brand new. Maintain your glass bong to a clean and high standard with ease thanks to Water Piece, it really is a no brainer.


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Piece Water