Phantom Mini Vaporizer

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Vendor: Cloud V

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The Phantom Mini from CloudV is an even more compact version of the original Phantom Premium vape pen. It is even more subtle but boasts just as much power. It doesn't have the adjustable temp settings of it's bigger brother, but the standard setting of 410 degrees is perfect for most dry herb users as it achieves full vaporization without any combustion. Sleek Portable Vaporizer Advanced Convection Heating Complete Starter Kit Simple Controls - The simple yet sophisticated design incorporates an optimised heating chamber. The vape is controlled by a single power button - 3 clicks for on, 3 clicks for off. The Phantom Mini also has an auto shutdown feature which kicks in after four minutes to prevent the device from overheating. Convection Heating - The Phantom Mini vaporizes dry herbs using a convection heating method. This means that your herbs do not come into direct contact with the heat source, vastly reducing the chances of combustion occurring within the chamber and causing your herbs to burn and give off smoke. Instead, the vapor produced by the Phantom Mini is thick, milky, flavorsome and contains far fewer toxins, particulates and carcinogens than combustion smoking. Complete Kit The Phantom Mini is manufactured to a high standard and feels robust and durable in the hand. The vape is coated in an easy grip material which gives it a discreet appearance and is virtually indistinguishable from a regular e-cig. This vaporizer comes packaged as a complete kit which includes a whole host of extras and accessories. Also included is the charging unit, user manual and a selection of tools and cleaning utensils to help you get the most from your vaporizer.

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