Pax Screen

Pax Screen

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PAX Screens

This is the official PAX screens from PAX. A set of three replacement original equipment screens for your 1st generation Pax vaporizer. Replacement of the screen will help keep your flavor perfect and keeps the vaporization of your herbs even and consistent.

PAX Screens Features

Set of 3

Protect Your Herb’s taste

Designed for Pax Vapes

Set of 3

This is a pack of three replacement screens for your Pax vaporizer. Screens are an important component in your Pax vaporizer, ensuring that you get the purist and tastiest vape experience possible. Herb naturally produces thick resin over time, and this can eventually start to clog and gum up your vaporizer’s screen, making your draw more difficult and making your vapors taste more acrid and unpleasant.

You can clean out this build-up with a little rubbing alcohol and a small brush to keep your screen unclogged. However there will come a point where even the most thorough of cleans won’t bring your hebr back to its former glory. At this point it’s advisable to swap your steel screen out for a fresh one. Once you do this you’ll find that your vape experience is like new!

With this set of 3 stainless steel vaporizer screens for Pax you can be sure that you’ll be able to keep your dry herb vaping experience pure, untainted, and easy for a long time!

Your Herb’s Taste

Screens are an important part of your Pax vape’s design. It sits between your dry herb chamber and the airpath, isolating them for eachother while still allowing a high level of air flow. Screens stop small particles of dry herb being pulled into your airpath, this can ruin your vapor’s taste and can clog your airpath. This clogged air path can lead to a harder draw resistance and in some cases hotspots and combustion. Combustions are the last thing you want, it can ruin your herb and produces a nasty, acrid smoke.

The screens also ensure that you keep your dry herb packed and in contact with the heating element of the vape. This means that your herb will be evenly and cleanly vaporized, leading to potent and tasty vape experiences. You can be sure that your vapor quality will be thick and tasty everytime.

Designed for Pax Vapes

These screens are designed specifically with Pax vaporizers. They fit perfectly between your Pax’s chamber and air path. It is made of high quality stainless steel and is easy to clean. Pax are one of the landmark names in the dry herb scene. They have consistently pioneered new and innovative vaporizer designs, raising the bar for luxury dry herb vaporizers. You can be sure that your screens will made with the same quality of all of Pax’s high quality products.

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