Original Personal Air Filter
Original Personal Air Filter

Original Personal Air Filter

Why buy from us?
  • Available in various colors
  • Approximate 300 Usage
  • Includes Travel Caps

Keep it to yourself with the Original Personal Air Filter from Smokebuddy. Specially designed to eliminate secondhand smoke, so you don’t bother your friends or family. Exhale into the SmokeBuddy and nothing but odorless air comes out. Keep your habits on the down low with the SmokeBuddy.

Have roommates that don’t smoke? Or worse still, parent’s that don’t approve? Well with the SmokeBuddy personal air filter, you might have just found your ultimate stealth accessory. Never again will you have to worry about smoke or smell when you’re hitting your sessions thanks to your SmokeBuddy. With a handy strap, SmokeBuddy can always be there for you as well.

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Travel Caps Included

  • Approximately 300 Uses

  • Smoke Buddy Keychain Included

  • Available in Various Colors - See Dropdown for Availability

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