Octobowl Male Bowl

Vendor: Grav Labs

Title: Octobowl Female Bowl | Grav Labs

Octobowl Female Bowl | Grav Labs

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Grav Labs - Octobowl Female Bowl.

Continuing their attempt to innovate all areas of the glass industry, Grav Labs have released this fantastic glass Octobowl.

Made from the highest quality glass, this bowl is built with a 8-arm glass screen. This screen will significantly improve the airflow from the bowl and will also prevent any clogging of your waterpipe.

This wonderful glass device can also be used to switch your oil rigs into a waterpipe to be used with chosen tobacco or herbal blends.

This female jointed bowl is completed with the notorious Grav Labs logo printed just above the joint.

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Octobowl Female Bowl | Grav Labs