Near Dark 'Kraken' Flask Bong Ice Glow

Vendor: Near Dark

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Near Dark ‘Kraken' Flask Bong Ice Glow

This Bong is for all the deep sea dwellers and pirates out there, don’t miss out on the Glow in the dark Kraken. It is made from borosilicate 7mm thick glass and has bistable standard grinding,  it has a Carb/Kick hole for that easy way to get that final hit and the glass bowl/chillum has a big capacity for your favorite dry herbs. The downpipe is also made from borosilicate glass and has a plug system and diffuser to ensure a lot of bubbles and swirling of the smoke to cool it properly. If you wish to further cool your smoke the deep ice chamber means you can fit lots of ice in there, and in true deep style it has a glow in the dark ‘kraken’ logo on the neck and the trademark ‘Black Leaf’ logo ‘In Weed We Trust’ on the base.