Musketeer Stemless Bent Neck Bong

Vendor: Weed Star

Title: Red


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The Musketeer Stemless Bent Neck Bong

The Musketeer Stemless Bent Neck Bong from Weed Star is pure percolation perfection. With both a honeycomb disc -and- a Swiss cheese chamber, you're bound to have beautiful hits. The 15-inch height is perfectly balanced by the circular 4-inch-wide base. An 18mm female joint precisely holds the compatible 18mm male slide bowl, making for an airtight seal. Colored glass on the lip and base are accented by the frosted Weed Star logo.

The Musketeer Stemless Bent Neck Bong Features

  • 15 Inch Height
  • 4 Inch Base Width
  • 18mm Female Ground Joint
  • 18mm Male Slide Bowl
  • Honeycomb Percolator
  • Swiss Cheese Perc Chamber
  • Colored Accents on Lip and Base
  • Frosted Weed Star Logo

All for One, and One for All

There's a few components going on here, but they all work together to create silky smoke every time. The fixed stem allows for direct interaction with the water, the honeycomb perc forces the water and smoke to interact, and the Swiss cheese chamber gives it the final touch of filtration.

Black and White and Red All Over

This style is currently available with 3 different accent colors; Black, White, and Red. Keep in mind that manufacturers change colors fairly often, so these might not be here for long! Check the dropdown for what's in stock.

Signature Logo

This piece is finished off with the classic Weed Star Logo. You can see it perfectly placed below the lip on the bent neck, in a fantastically frosted finish.