Mushroom' 10-Arm Tree Perc Ice Bong

Vendor: Blaze Glass



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At over 16 inches tall the Blaze Glass 'Mushroom' is a massive piece! You'll definitely need iron lungs and an iron will to clear this bad boy. The removable downstem has a diffuser at it's base to break up the smoke and make the water's job of filtering and cooling a little easier. Then the smoke has to rise through a 10-Arm Tree perc that really cools and filters the smoke as much as possible. Lastly it climbs through the 'Mushroom' which is actually a cleverly designed splash guard designed to stop water from making it up the short distance to your mouth. Just above the mushroom are a trio of ice pinches which give you the chance to add a couple of ice cubes for that glacier chill. The downstem has a 14.4mm female ground glass joint and Blaze include a 14.4mm male bowl to fit.

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