ModPod Water Pipe Adapter

Vendor: ModPod Labs

Joint Size: 18mm to 18mm

18mm to 18mm
18mm to 14mm

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ModPod Water Pipe Adapter

ModPod Labs bring you their water pipe adapter to connect your vaporizer to either a bubbler, J hook or water pipe. Many people are switching their preferred vaping method to include water pipes or bubblers as the water cools the vapor and for those that come with ice notches, the vapor can be cooled further. If the water pipe has a diffused downstem, this allows you to get bigger hits with ease and without the intensity some people find using a water pipe on its own can have.For a lot of people, using their vaporizer with a water pipe, bubbler or J hook is a much more pleasant way to get great hits and for this reason, it is increasingly becoming a hugely popular way to vaporize!Please see the dropdown to select your adapter size.

Additional Information
Joint Size

18mm to 18mm, 18mm to 14mm