Mini Beaker Base Barrel Perc Blue | Roor Tech

Vendor: Roor Tech

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RooR Tech bring you this high-quality beaker base, percolated water pipe. RooR Tech specialise in percolated water pipes, still mainting the renowned quality which RooR has become famous for. When it comes to glass, the experts at Roor have set the bar so high, giving you not just incredible looking pieces, but also incredibly performing pieces. As much as you want your bong to look awesome, you want it to do it's job more, and do it well. Roor Tech maintain this, and this stunning bong does everything you want it to, and more!
The mini beaker base barrel bong is made from 5mm thick, high-quality scientific glass. The beaker base design gives you great stability, as well as a larger volume for more water filtration. The barrel percolator helps to cool and filter your smoke even further as it forces the smoke to interact with more water. Above the percolator is a splash guard to ensure no water reaches your mouth, eliminating the chance of water splashing up into your mouth as you take a hit. Above the splash guard is three ice notches, allowing you to stack up some ice cubes to cool your smoke even further. Each of these features are great on their own, so combined you are sure to enjoy some of the smoothest, coolest hits you could want.

The bong stands at approximately 39cm, with a base diameter of 13cm. It has an 18.8mm female joint, and comes with a male 18.8mm, 14cm diffuser and a male 18.8mm bowl with a triple-glass pinch built-in screen.