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Milky Spiral Perc Bong

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  • Spiral Percolator Coil
  • Oil Rig Diffuser Stem
  • Ice Compartment
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Grace Glass - Milky Spiral Perc Bong

Yet another brilliant addition to the ever-growing Grace Glass collection, this straight-tubed milky bong continues the glassblowers current obsession with great opaque designs.

This sturdy glass bong comes equipped with the fascinating spiral percolator situated in the middle of the straight tube. This percolator forces the smoke's surface area to increase which then allows the smoke to cool down in temperature. Along with cooling down the hit, the perc helps to remove nasty toxins from the mix so the user only receives clean and cool hits.

To be only used with chosen tobacco and herbal blends, this cloudy glass bong comes complete with a 18.8mm bowl, slitted splash guard and finally ice notches for those bong enthusiasts looking for that extra chilled effect.

Coming with the iconic Grace Glass Logo in black print, this eye-catching glass piece comes with complementing coloured accents on the base, bowl, mouthpiece and even the percolator itself. These accents are available in a variety of colour schemes.

Available in Black/White and White. See dropdown for info.

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