Micro Bell Recycler Bubbler

Vendor: Grace Glass

Title: Micro Bell Recycler Bubbler | Grace Glass

Micro Bell Recycler Bubbler | Grace Glass

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This stunning little bubbler from Grace Glass delivers superbly smooth vapour thanks to the awesome recycler system.

Made from premium quality borosilicate glass for heat resistance and durability, the Micro Bell Dual Head Bubbler comes complete with both a quartz nail and a vapour dome as well as a standard glass bowl.

This recycler bubbler works by drawing smoke through the built-in percolator from the main chamber into a sealed system where the bubbles pop which smoothes and cools the hit. The smoke carries on through to the mouthpiece, while the water is dumped back into the main chamber to be used for cooling again and again. This system results in fresher, cooler, more flavorsome vapor.

A superb little piece from Grace Glass that is sure to popular with glass enthusiasts.

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Micro Bell Recycler Bubbler | Grace Glass