Mentalist Beaker

Vendor: Weed Star

Title: Mentalist Beaker | Weed Star

Mentalist Beaker | Weed Star

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Here is the WS Series Mentalist Beaker from Weed Star. This Ziggi Jackson signed piece is one of the most popular Weed Star products and for good reason. 

The bong is beaker based and flat at the bottom keeping it stable when resting. There is a large 18.8mm pull out glass bowl with a clear glass marble on the side and a black WS Ziggi Jackson signature. This bowl fits into a 180mm downstem which fits onto the 18.8mm ground joint and into the beaker. 

Smoke is passed through the beaker up into the second chamber which houses the large 8 arm Tree Perc at the center of the piece. The 8 arm tree perc provides optimal smoke dispersion before smoke moves into the third chamber. The third chamber is a large lean back tube which is also the flared mouthpiece at the top. 

The Mentalist is a functional and good looking beaker based glass bong with perc that is also priced reasonably. A perfect glass waterpipe for the astute smoker.

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Mentalist Beaker | Weed Star