Magnetic Pen Style Dual Chamber Vaporizer uk
Magnetic Pen Style Dual Chamber Vaporizer

Magnetic Pen Style Dual Chamber Vaporizer

Why buy from us?
  • Quick-change magnetic chambers
  • Three chambers - Ceramic
  • Quartz and Hybrid
  • Compact and discreet design
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Magnetic Pen Style Dual Chamber Vaporizer

This simple to use pen-style concentrate vaporizer shares most of it's features with many other concentrate pens, but there is one that it doesn't - magnetic fittings. The two parts to the device simply click together with epic simplicity. The interchangable chambers simply clip on to the battery and then the mouthpiece clips onto the chamber. It really is that easy.

Dual Chamber Vaporizer - Unparalleled Control

The Magnetic pen also comes with two choices of chamber depending on your preference. There is a quartz one, a ceramic one and a hybrid one which combines the two materials. This vaporizer will be so simple and convenient that you will wonder why you never made the switch before.