Magical Butter 220v UK


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Magical Butter 220v UK

The MB2e by Magical Butter ensures thorough, even heating at any elevation or in any climate as well as pinpoint accuracy thanks to its exclusive microprocessor technology. 

Extracting nutrients from roots, fruits and herbs and creating butters, oils, lotions and more from them is a very practical solution thanks to Magical Butter, and it leaves you with endless possibilities.

Highly rated for its consistency, self-cleaning ability, user-friendliness and efficiency, this really is a must-have for your home.  

Magical Butter has turned a once-confusing, complicated process into an easy to use, consistent and efficient experience making it easier than ever before to enjoy integrated botanicals created at home, by you!

What’s in the box?

  • MB2e Botanical Extractor

  • Magical Butter Love Glove

  • Magical Butter Purify Filter