Magic Butter Filters and Glove


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Magic Butter Filters and Glove

Magical Butter bring you this 4-Pack including a Love Glove and three Purify Filters. 

The Love Glove allows you to say goodbye to the old-fashioned oven glove. With its super strong durability, this silicone five finger design glove allows you the freedom to easily open a tight jar as well as safely handle food in boiling water, a hot oven and prevent hot water from contacting your hand which is holding your Purify Filter. It is dishwasher safe, non-slip and won’t absorb stains or odours.

The Purify Filters are made from durable, reusable nylon mesh allowing you to easily separate sediment from your recipes. The filters come in three different sizes to easily filter the botanicals from thinner or thicker extracts and if you want an even more thorough strain, you can use all three filters in size order from larger to smaller.