Mälstrom Internal Recycler Bong

Vendor: Blaze Glass

Title: Clear


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This piece lives nicely up to it's name. A Mälstrom is a naturally occuring whirlpool and the internal recycler in the middle of this rig create a massive vortex in it's center which causes all the water to drop out of suspension and make sure that only the cleanest, coolest, driest smoke makes it as far as your lips. As the smoke drops down the downstem it passes into a ring around the inside of the base with several holes in it. The smoke bubbles through the holes and then passes up to the 'incycler'. At nearly 11 inches tall and 3 1/2 inches wide the capacity is huge and it is one of the biggest recyclers we have seen to date. The joint is an 18.8mm female and the bowl is an 18.8mm male.