4 Part Grinder by EHLE

Vendor: EHLE

Title: Small


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EHLE's new range of grinders look awesome and slice through your herb to give you fluffy evenly sized granules. They are constructed from CNC'd Aluminum so you know they will stand up to pretty much any abuse and their diamond-shaped teeth cut cleanly and efficiently even with really dense materialThere are tough magnets holding the two halves of the grinding section together so it won't fall open while you are moving it around.

The entry level Small 35mm EHLE grinder is perfect for travelling as it fits in pretty much any pocket. The CNC'd diamond shaped teeth will grind up anything you can throw at them and the magnets in each of the two halves will keep the whole thing together when it isn't in use. The sifter screen in the base allows your precious pollen to fall through into the base and lets you save it for later. They also include a plastic pollen scraper to scoop it up when you do want to finally clean it out. The EHLE logo is also laser engraved into the Zinc body to add a nice finishing touch.

The Medium 63mm EHLE grinder is a hefty piece and will have zero trouble grinding up your big buds. The CNC Aluminum body can take whatever you throw at it (or whatever you throw it at) without it so much as leaving a mark, and the super sharp diamond shaped teeth will shred anything you put in there. You'll get a sweet plastic pollen scraper to scoop up all the dust that collects underneath the sifter screen. The EHLE logo is laser engraved on the lid and a pair of strong magnets hold the two halves of the grinder together when you are not using it.

The lid on the Large 75mm EHLE grinder is cleverly designed with a cut out which neatly holds a packet of papers and the EHLE logo is engraved into the section next to it. The sifter screen in the base catches all the loose resin sacks that fall off your herbs and they are then collected in a separate area in the bottom, and a little plastic pollen scraper to scoop it out. Constructed of Aluminum it is both tough and light so you don't have to worry about dings and dents. They also give you a pollen scraper for collecting all your pollen out of the base.

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